7 Ways That a Garden Centre EPoS Helps Business Bloom

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7 Ways That a Garden Centre EPoS Helps Business Bloom

Garden centres around the country are beginning to rebound and strive to rebrand themselves as more retail-oriented establishments. Part of this includes ensuring better control and monitoring of resources and orders. Investing in an EPoS system is one such strategy that has grown in popularity.

Exploring What Garden Centre EPoSv Systems Are About
A point of sale or EPoS system is crucial to any business dealing with many customers and inventory. EPoS systems can aid in tracking sales, the management of inventory, and even the improvement of customer service. It is any technology that automates sales-related functions and is typically placed at each register or cashier in a store.

An EPoS system is an electronic interface to track sales as they occur. As such, store managers would not have to manually enter each sale into an accounting program. Moreover, EPoS systems can also make it much easier to track the expansion of sales and the expansion of inventory.

One of the biggest benefits of EPoS systems is that they can help you manage inventory more efficiently than manual processes. For instance, it has features for placing items on hold and quickly monitoring item counts and re-order new stock. Furthermore, the simplicity of using an EPoS system significantly improves customer service.

Your team is less likely to make out-of-stock recommendations to customers if they can track inventory on their EPoS system. Your team can also track service times, so you can better allocate your employees to customers who have the highest service needs.

Here are seven more ways a garden centre EPoS can help your business bloom!

1. Boost Your Staff’s Product Knowledge
One of the top benefits of an EPoS system for garden centres is keeping your team updated on their inventory. Your employees will have access to the amount of inventory for each item in stock, and staff will know the quantity of each item available. This will allow them to avoid recommending out-of-stock items temporarily to customers.

In addition, because your employees will have a quick and easy way to check product availability, they can quickly relay this information to customers looking for it. Knowing this can be a powerful tool during the sales process, allowing you to better serve your customers who have specific product needs.

2. Increase Your Ability to Serve Your Customers

Creating and managing customer profiles can also improve your ability to serve customers. EPoS systems can track your customers’ purchasing habits, which can help your team better tailor their sales approach.

For example, suppose your staff member notices that a customer is looking for a specific type of plant and has previously purchased a similar plant from your garden centre. In that case, they can suggest a similar plant to their customer and provide additional details about the remaining stock.

3. Reduce Errors and Provide a Better Overall Customer Experience
It is also essential to pay attention to the length of time customers spend in line for customer service. Customers nowadays demand fast service, so waiting in line can be frustrating.

When your staff knows how long customers are waiting in line and for what reason, they are better equipped to solve waiting customers. For example, suppose customers are waiting because your staff is busy assisting other customers. In that case, your team can ensure that your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience.

4. Expand Your Customer Base
Point of sale systems can also help your staff reach out to potential customers who may not know your business before. EPoS systems can be equipped with an electronic advertising component that allows you to display deals, special offers and coupons on your register screens.

Your customers will appreciate the ability to see these coupons and specials easily. They will more likely purchase items on sale, even if they wouldn’t normally buy them.

5. Provide Customer Feedback
EPoS systems can also help your garden centre collect valuable feedback from your customers. The companies that produce EPoS systems will often include a customer satisfaction component right on the register itself.

This feature can provide you with valuable insight into your customers’ opinions. You can use this information to adjust your marketing tactics and change your product line. Furthermore, you can even develop special offers for unhappy customers with promos catering to their preferences based on past purchases.

6. Optimise Your Use of Labour
When you use a point of sale system, you can optimise the number of employees working at a given time. EPoS systems can be equipped with scheduling capabilities that automatically send out employee schedules. This improves coordination, especially in employee absences. Any work left behind can easily be realigned into the rest of your team’s task lists.

You can also open and close your garden centre more efficiently. With it, you can schedule your employees to work when they are most likely to have the highest customer traffic.

7. Reduce Paperwork and Increase Efficiency
One of the most substantial advantages of a point of sale system is the ability to reduce your paperwork requirements. When your employees use an EPoS system, they can do paperless inventory management and reduce the number of items requiring an invoice.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Garden Centre EPoS System Now
The right EPoS system can help your garden centre flourish. It can help you boost your staff’s inventory knowledge, improve your ability to serve customers, and even attract new customers.

The best part is that a new POS system may be readily integrated into your garden centre and customised to meet your specific needs. Most providers offer staff training to help your team maximise the new system.

Getting a new EPoS system may seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it when you see the results.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you see just how beneficial a new EPoS system can be for your garden centre! At Easitill EPoS Systems, we’re ready to answer any of your questions and help you see the benefits of EPoS for retail shops, including your garden centre. Aside from providing easy to use, robust, reliable and supported EPoS systems, websites and labelling solutions across the UK and Northamptonshire. Contact us today!