Integrated Labels, Labelling and EPoS

Easitill has always worked closely with the Horticultural market, providing basic, weather resistant labels for pricing and barcoding. In recent years, Easitill has continued working to accommodate the Horticultural market by working as the sole UK distributor of Floralabels, meaning we can provide affordable, quality and weather resistant self-tie, self-adhesive, stick-in, swing-tag and bed card labels.

In turn, Easitill have developed a label template designer within our EPoS system so that garden centres and nurseries can design and print their own plant labels using the same product data that is used to sell your products at the till.

Garden Centre EPoS System

Plant Database Option

With 20,000 plant records and 15,000 images, the plant database is an ideal way to begin to use colour picture labels to help sell your plants.

Customisable Label Designer

With Easitill’s label designer you can use and modify our pre-made label templates or create your own using your own pictures and text or from the plant database to communicate key information to your customers, including your company logo and branding.

Cost Price Update

Easitill’s cost price update allows you to quickly update the cost price of all products by using a spreadsheet sent by the supplier. This function will look through the spreadsheet comparing them with the products on your EPoS system using a common field such as barcode or the supplier’s product code, updating the cost price of any products where it needs to. When a product is found to need the cost price updating, the option is also given to update your sale price so that the profit margin of the product can be maintained. With seed suppliers changing their prices regularly and with the amount of different varieties garden centres often stock, the cost price update function is particularly useful.

Differentiated VAT rates for Fruit and Vegetables

Easitill helps ensure products are sold at the correct VAT rate by having the facility to set products such as fuels, edible plants and flowers and children’s goods differently to standard VAT. There is also a function to help with any future VAT rate changes.