Professional Plant Label Solutions

Our full labelling solution can meet all of your labelling and signage needs. We offer labelling software, a selection of printers and a plant database with images, ideal for horticultural businesses.

This solution is perfect for on demand printing. Print as much or as little as required, only printing the labels you need!

You can also upgrade the labelling solution at any later date to our full EPoS and/or website solutions continually developed since we started over 30 years ago.

If you would like to learn more about any of our products and services please call us on 01604 881881, or click here to leave us your details and we can get back to you.

labelling for plants

Easitill Plant Labels UK Software

Create and save product/plant records for one-off or on demand repeat printing. Print simple black and white adhesive labels and/or full colour picture labels.

Your custom designed colour picture labels can include your logo, product/plant description, barcode, care instructions, product/plant image and much more!

The database of the labelling software can be populated either one at a time by you as you go, or by converting previous labelling system data.

We offer completely free support with NO MONTHLY OR ANNUAL FEES provided you buy our labels/signs and posters/shelf edge labels. To learn more please keep reading and for a free demonstration or samples click here.

Easitill Plant Labels UK Software

Biodegradable Plant Label Media from Floralabels for colour picture labels

Easitill are the sole UK distributor for Floralabels, the biggest supplier of on demand labels in Europe.

  • Self-ties, stick ins, adhesives, swing tags, shop shelf edge and A6/A5 signs
  • Patented labels are fully weather resistant for at least one season
  • All of our patented L1 quality self-ties, swing tags and signs are biodegradable once in landfill and not before!
  • Robust labels that do not go brittle in a harsh winter
  • Also available in biodegradable A4/A3 signs, 1200 x 200 banners
  • Next day delivery, free delivery on orders of 3 boxes or more
  • Very competitive pricing with price breaks on quantities of boxes bought
  • Custom labels can be created to order and stocked by Easitill
  • Pre-printed logo options – labels can arrive with some standard information pre-printed
  • Knowledgeable Easitill staff can help you decide on the most suitable label for your needs, to get in touch please click here
Biodegradable Plant Label Media from Floralabels for colour picture labels

Weather Resistant Signs, Posters and indoor Shelf-Edge labels

We can provide indoor shelf edging and weather resistant biodegradable signs and posters. Perfect for exposed-to-the-elements POS promotion, outdoor customer notices or promotions, bedding signs. Our signs come in many sizes, A6/A5/A4/A3 and 1200 x 200 banners in adhesive and non-adhesive varieties.

Our shelf edge labels are for indoor use.

Add your logo using the label designer and show your branding across your shop.

Weather Resistant Signs, Posters and indoor Shelf-Edge labels

Plant Label and Signage Designer

Our labelling software includes all the templates you should need. It also allows you to copy and paste templates for modifying in our drag and drop editor. It also allows for new labels to be created from scratch where the exact measurements of the new label type are added and the label is created. You can also set default labels per product to enable untrained staff to print the perfect label in confidence.

 Plant Label and Signage Designer