Retail EPoS Systems Features

Improve the efficiency of your business using EPoS to deliver accuracy, improved product availability and information allowing you to control your business. Below are some of the features that Easitill offers to help achieve this.

Easitill Retail EPoS

Comprehensive Stock Control

Stock Data Import
Quickly insert lists of new products and update details or existing products. Most product information fields can be imported from a spreadsheet to save time.

Cost Price Update
Update your cost prices in Easitill using a spreadsheet from your supplier. Our Cost Price Update will cross reference the products in your system with a supplier’s spreadsheet and update the cost price of the products you sell. It even gives the option to update the sale price to maintain your current margin.

Real-Time Products
With real-time you can update the price of products in the back office and the tills will know immediately. When an item is sold on one till, the rest of the tills and the e-commerce website all receive a stock update.

Minimum and Maximum Stock Levels
Generate purchase orders to specific or all suppliers using minimum and maximum stock levels to help keep you selling products that sell well

Customer Management

Full Invoicing functionality
Raise invoices that can be emailed straight to your customers complete with delivery notes, processed through your retail till.

Customer Account Management
Track outstanding balances, allocate payments, email copy invoices and statements to your customers as well as emailing your whole customer base their own statement of account at the press of a button.

Sales Order Processing
Build and email a quotation, convert it to an order, print a pick list and email the invoice directly to them all through the Sales Order Processing module.

Customer Discount Tables
Apply discounts to specific products and product groups for several bands of completely customisable customer pricing groups.

Customer Loyalty Schemes

Product Level Reporting
See what products specific customers are buying so you can send them details about offers related to the products they buy.

Fully Customisable Loyalty Scheme
From a flat accumulation rate for all products and customers, to custom amounts for different product groups across multiple loyalty bands, your loyalty scheme can be as simple or advanced as you like.

Loyalty Multipliers
Encourage customers to spend by applying loyalty multipliers up to 9 times the normal rate of products. Alternatively, apply a zero multiplier to lower margin products that you can’t afford to give loyalty bonus on.

Server Based Loyalty Scheme
For multi-site businesses, your customers can be rewarded for being loyal to you whichever one of your shops they visit. Using server loyalty, customer’s data is held on a server that all your sites look at so your customers can earn points at all of your shops.


Best Selling Lines
Easitill can show you which products are selling in the highest numbers, highest profit amounts and highest total sales amount.

Quick Sales Reports
Produce quick reports by week, month and year or for specific periods from group level down to specific product level.

Peak Period Reports
Find out the times of the day when you’re serving the most and least customers, with transaction values and average spending per customer.

Export Using CSV
Most of our reports can be exported to a CSV so they can be viewed using spreadsheet software. From here you can combine multiple reports, work out how much stock you need and update your target stock levels.

Extensive Till Functionality

Barcoded Returns
All receipts have a barcode attached to speed up returns and refund items at the correct price.

Customisable Till Buttons
Over 3500 programmable buttons on 99 levels allows your till to be just the way you want it.

Specific Operator Limits
With Operator Manager, you decide what staff can do on the till and to what value.

Check Stock Levels and Locations
Search products at the till, check how many you have in stock and where it is physically located.


Shop to Shop Transfers
Quickly and Easily transfer stock between your shops so your stock is always where it needs to be.

Stock Control
Whether your stock is ordered and distributed by a central warehouse or each of your shops orders and control their own stock, Easitill can manage it.

Centralised Customer Data
With a server based Loyalty Scheme, your customer’s data is held in a central location so they can be rewarded for shopping with you, no matter which one of your shops they buy from

Site Specific Pricing, Offers and Ordering
Each Site can have their own shelf quantity set so they never have too much stock. Each shop can have their own offers and pricing that applies to them so each shop is competitive locally. Alternatively, each shop can also have a uniform pricing structure so each customer pays the same amount for an item, no matter which of your shops they buy from

Wormer Records

Batch Recall Reports
Enter a product’s batch number and our VMP module will return a list of which customers have that batch number.

Store Extended Product Information
Store administering advice and dosage information that is useful for customers that prints automatically when the product is sold.

Track Batch Numbers and Expiry Dates
Easitill’s VMP Module offers reporting on batch numbers and expiry dates allowing, you to remind your customers when they should need to buy more.

Record Customer Details as Products are Sold
Selling licensed animal health products requires customer’s details to be recorded. With Easitill’s VMP Module, the till will ask for a customer’s details to be brought into the till before the sale for such products can be completed and even then, can only be completed by staff that are SQP qualified.