What is EPoS?

So what exactly is EPoS and how can it help me? Click below to find out more.

What is an Electronic Point of Sale System?

An electronic point of sale (EPoS) system is an integral part to all retail businesses. An EPoS system can not only make the day to day running of a business smoother, it can also provide business owners with a wide variety of invaluable information on their demographic. EPoS systems comprise of an array of components that record data in various of ways, helping business owners build a rounded picture of their customers spending habits. EPoS systems can come in the form of chip and pin card machines, till systems, cash drawers and even till point weighing scales.

Why Choose Easitill for Your Electronic Point of Sale System?

Easitill have been installing reliable EPoS systems for over three decades. Our fully trained team members consistently provide high levels of customer service, ensuring each and every question or query you may have in regards to your new EPoS system is answered quickly with a positive outcome. We understand the needs of each business will be different, and have the knowledge to help all of our customers choose the most effective EPoS system components to suit their requirements. As a reputable retail solutions company, we endeavour to install your new system at a convenient time for you. We promise to walk you through each of the specially tailored benefits of your new system, ensuring you get the most from your investment.

What are the Advantages of Using an Electronic Point of Sale System?

Using an EPoS system can help businesses across a wide variety of retail sectors refine their work processes. Using the latest information technology to perform day to day activities in the most efficient way can not only increase a business’s bottom line, but also provide them with the tools to continually improve their retail processes. EPoS systems may be implemented in all retail stores, and at Easitill we specialise in helping small to medium sized retailers, aiding them along a successful path of growth and expansion.

“I am a small retail business and would like to manage my business from the sales floor as I do not have enough people to allow me to spend time off the shop floor doing the admin.”

“Easitill offer a single till which allows you to do everything in one place – serve your customers, manage your stock, view and print reports and more.”

“As a medium sized retailer I would like to have dedicated tills on the shop floor, allowing me more time to manage my business from the office”

“A computer either in the office or on the shop floor that connects to one or multiple tills allowing you to manage your business whilst having the flexibility to serve your customers on dedicated tills.”

“As a larger retail business with more than one shop and an E-commerce website, I would like a system to link them all together so I can see what is happening from my office”

“A computer or laptop in another location to your retail business allowing you to manage and review your business whilst away from your retail premises.”

EPoS Options

At Easitill we recognise that you need systems to support the way you run your business. With Easitill Options, we offer the flexibility to provide the system you need to fit your business. We want our systems to help you grow your business, making you better informed and more efficient.

Our options will allow you to choose:

  • The configuration of your system
  • The type and amount of hardware suitable for your business and budget
  • The way you pay for your EPoS system
  • The amount of support you require to get up and running

We realise that every business is unique but there are many common factors in all retail businesses. We use our years of experience in working with retailers to offer the best possible advice whilst recognising that many businesses have unique requirements that we always aim to meet with a solution.

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