Hospitality EPoS systems Features

Our EPoS system offers a hospitality module suitable for your restaurant café and tea room and other business offering table service, self-service and “wooden spoon” service. These features are all integrated within our main EPoS system. To take a look at the other features in our EPoS system, click on the link below.

Hospitality EPoS systems

Order Printers in the Kitchen

Increase the efficiency of your restaurant with the addition of two order printers

With the addition of a printer in the Kitchen that is built to withstand the punishment a busy restaurant kitchen demands, waiting staff spend more time tending to customers rather than moving between Front and Back of House. In kitchen environments we use a dot-matrix printer because thermal paper will often go black in a hot kitchen.This printer also ensures that orders coming through are heard and printed in a format that is clear and simple to understand.mas Day!).

Multiple Till Modes

Run your Restaurant the way you like by setting the till to work in one of three modes

Table Service – Used to great success in Beckworth Emporium

Table Allocation – As used in Russells Garden Centre

Self-Service – Also used by Beckworth Emporium in their Ice Rink

Customisable Till Buttons

Over 3500 programmable buttons on 99 levels allows your till to be just the way you want it

With up to 20 different till menu files, their restaurant can have a different till button layout to the rest of the business to make sure the products they need to find quickly are readily available to them.

Touchscreen Friendly Menus

Touch friendly menus help operators place orders quickly and efficiently

Easitill’s touchscreen friendly menus makes placing orders quick and easy. Paired with a traditional keyboard allows operators to change orders details with minimal errors