How to Get the Most Out of Your Card Machines and ePOS

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Card Machines and ePOS

EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and refers to all the technology used to process payment and information at the point of sale, including payment terminals and card machines. These are linked to the retailer’s wider business systems, and some even allow you to do things like place orders from your smartphone. All these elements impact your business and the effect they have on your bottom line.

The biggest benefits come from speed and efficiency. For example, payment terminals allow you to accept contactless payments, which can be processed quickly and easily, boosting productivity and increasing sales. Using EPoS software, you can also process orders from smartphones and tablets. This gives you the flexibility to take orders quickly while you’re on the hoof and interact with customers and work on the move.

Today, we’re going to explore a few ways you can further optimise the use of your card machines and EPoS.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Benefits of Using Card Machines and EPoS Systems

The impact of using card machines and EPoS systems cannot be overstated. They speed up transactions, improve efficiency and customer service, and drive sales. Retailers are a vital piece of the puzzle to make things run smoothly.

By evaluating your current setup, optimising the way you use your systems and software, and regularly looking at trends and patterns, you will be able to drive sales and business forward.

Optimising Your EPoS Systems

Payment terminals and EPoS systems are often the first steps for retailers to improve their business processes. They allow you to accept payments, process orders and interact with customers. These systems are directly linked to your wider business systems—for example, your e-commerce website.

Evaluate Your System’s Capabilities

Firstly, how long has it been since you looked at your card machine and EPoS system? If you don’t have an idea of what’s on offer, it’s time to take a closer look. There are features and functionality in EPoS that can drive up productivity, improve processes and make your life a lot easier.

However, if you’re unaware of them, you may not be taking advantage of everything your system can do for you.

So, what’s new for you to look out for? Well, quite a lot!

Analyse Data

Once you have looked at your current capabilities, you need to evaluate how you’re using them. It’s important to regularly review your data to make sure you’re capitalising on any trends. For example, are most of your sales made through a certain payment method, perhaps with one customer? If so, you may want to adjust your strategy to accommodate this.

Once you’ve identified these trends, you can work out what steps you need to take to improve. These could include tweaking your pricing and promotions, changing payment handling procedures, implementing new marketing strategies and so on.

Improve Customer Experience

To boost your productivity even further, you can look at how you use your card machine and EPoS to optimise your customer experience. For example, you could implement a loyalty program that rewards regular customers. At the same time, you could also create special offers, such as a buy one get one free, which encourages customers to make multiple purchases.

Coupled with top-notch customer service, this can be a very effective way to boost sales. You could also use your EPoS software to send out newsletters and information about what’s new in your business, new products and special offers, so it’s well worth exploring.

Upgrading Your ePOS System

1. Track and Trace

Take the time to explore the features of the EPoS software. For example, you might want to track a product through your business processes so you can visualise where it is at any one time. A tracking service also makes it easier to manage your stock levels, as this will give you a better idea of when you’re running short and need to restock.

2. Train Staff

To get the most out of your card machine and EPoS software, your staff need to be able to use it efficiently. If they are learning the system first, make sure you train them thoroughly. If they are already familiar with the system and are adding a new sales assistant, ensure they’ve been trained in all the latest features.

3. Run a Trial

If you’re planning to upgrade your system, it’s worth trying out a trial version to see if you like it. This will also give you a better idea of whether your business will benefit from the upgrade. It’s also a lot easier to return the software if you don’t like it rather than rip out the old system and install a new one.

4. Look for Upgrades

As we discussed earlier, EPoS software is a constantly evolving technology, and there are many updates that can improve your business and offer features to your staff. Upgrading your system is easy to do, but you will need to take some time to familiarise yourself with the new features and functionality.

5. Speak to Your Provider

Finally, if you’re looking for upgrades, you’ll need to get in touch with your provider. They may provide invaluable advice which could help you make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

Optimising your card machines and EPoS systems is vital to boosting sales and improving your overall business. Take some time to examine your current setup and consider how you could improve. Then, look at how your staff are using the system and how you can make things even more efficient while improving the customer experience.

You may want to upgrade and look for new features, or you may decide to stick with what you’ve got. Either way, you need to take time to review your systems—when you do, your business could thrive even more.

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