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Easitill are not the cheapest web company, but we are equally not the most expensive.

There are companies who will be happy charging £300 to knock up a cheap and cheerful website. So why would you pay more?

Websites and website agencies are not all the same, which causes variation in the pricing and solutions delivered.

There are so many potential pitfalls when having a website built, that you’ll want to make sure you choose the right company to work with.

Getting a cheap website may seem like a good idea, until you realise later on that it was false economy and you have to replace it and do it all again months later with a solution that is more suitable for your new business needs.

Below you will find a summary in the form of the reasons why you should trust Easitill to build your website and perhaps pay a little more for that quality service.

  1. We are experienced

There’s often a reason why things are cheap or free! Quality costs money.

We have been building websites for over 15 years and currently have over 45 live sites that we have helped to create and maintain. We are always learning and trying to improve so that we can make your website the best it can be and we support you every step of the way.

  1. We try to understand you, your business and your requirements

As a company, we have close relationships with our customers and like to know and understand their business and retail sector in order to help their business to grow.

If you are a completely new web customer this is especially true. Before we begin a project we like to get to know you, what you want to achieve from your website, your expectations and the type of customers you deal with. To do this we will ask you a series of questions to understand your needs and desires and create a design brief based around the collected information.

  1. We’ll advise you along the way

You may have lots of questions throughout the process and you’ll want someone to advise you. Our guidance is based on your business requirements as well as our own experience over the past 15 years+.

  1. We build every website individually

Depending on the project, we may start off with a template, however we always end up customising these and spending time making them look as the customer requests. We build all websites individually and try to treat each one as if it’s our only customer.

  1. We’ll support you

We are always on hand to help you if you get stuck. Even after the website is live we don’t just leave you to it. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our support costs include an allocation to make any small edits you can’t do yourself.

Unfortunately, some agencies don’t work this way; they’ll try and charge you for every little change. Especially if you only paid a small amount for the website. Many companies tend to sell lots of cheap websites and don’t have the time to even offer basic email support once the website is live.

There’s a chance that you’ll be stuck with a website that you can’t update yourself and no ongoing support.

At Easitill we believe support is crucial and have always prided ourselves on this whether it be for websites or any of our other products. We include ongoing helpdesk support via email, telephone and remote support. If required we are also able to send short video overviews or a Guide to refer back to when you get stuck on something. We are also happy to provide additional training if requested. You are never just left to struggle on alone.

  1. We’ll teach you how to use your website

If your website is going to be successful, you’ll need full access to add, edit and delete things at a moment’s notice. Once we have built your new website, we’ll teach you how to make changes yourself.

Other web design companies might not give you access to your website. They may prefer to keep control of your website and charge you to make any changes. Even if they do give you access, you might not know how to use it.

We provide training as standard included within the website quotation.

  1. We don’t charge for every single edit after launch

A lot of agencies charge a large fee per edit, especially if the website didn’t cost much in the first place. We include a certain amount of assistance and edits per month. We may however need to charge if you go above this, but it is usually only a small contribution. You do however have the option and ability to make edits yourselves to save on costs.

If you do find yourself requesting a lot of changes by us it may be easier to ask us about an ongoing arrangement and see what we can do as it may work out more cost effective for you than regular ad hoc work.

  1. No hidden costs

We are as transparent in our pricing as possible. When we quote you for a website we will include all upfront and ongoing costs. There are no hidden costs, you always know how much you’ll be paying and can budget for it accordingly.

Unlike some platforms, Easitill also don’t penalise our customers for doing well. Some providers will in fact charge you a per transaction fee for any sales placed through the website.

Easitill don’t limit you to a certain number of products, images or pages on a site and don’t charge you to add more.

  1. Our team is great

Even though we offer a more personal service, we have more than one person working on your project and available should assistance be required.

We have a team of people working with you on your project. These range from our great in-house developers, project manager and web designer to our customer support engineers.

10. More than just a basic website

Our system is an integrated & scalable system connected to our EPoS system, allowing you to save time and money.

If you are an existing EPoS customer of ours looking to branch out into multi-channel retailing, the initial investment is small in comparison with the time and money you could save in the long run.

By using our integrated system, you only need make changes to your product database in one place, the Easitill EPoS system you are already used to operating. You don’t need to learn a new management system for updating website products, prices, stock, offers and eliminating user errors.

This integration however means that the software is more than just a basic website and involves a license fee which may be slightly more expensive than a basic standalone website but is a better investment in the longer term, due to time savings, less errors, ongoing service and support.

Our software also includes the ability to be scalable. You can start off with a basic level website and upgrade without having to reinvest in a completely new website as your business grows.

We currently offer four different levels of website from a basic brochure site to a full ecommerce site and each can be upgraded to the next level.

11. We include software updates & maintenance as standard

Within the support and maintenance, we continue to work on, update and maintain the website software throughout the year. This service includes at least one Easitill website software update per annum. This update will incorporate any new features we might have developed throughout the year, at no extra cost.


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