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Easitill and Floralabels – Working towards a sustainable future.

We all want a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and sustainable future both for ourselves and generations to come. Part of this push for a much greener way of life means that all the products we use are under the microscope. How can we leave less behind, and how can we tread more lightly when it comes to our impact?

Recyclable labels - Floralabels Sustainable, biodegradable

Easitill and Floralabels, have examined their impact and the impact of it’s customers and have brought to market a variety of labels, self-ties, stick-ins, signs, adhesives and banners that significantly reduce environmental impact and boost green credentials. In fact, they have 70 varieties of labels and stickers with over 80% of their consisting of the L1 material, which has proved very popular amongst our customers.

Floralabels are constantly researching and developing innovative ways to create sustainable labels and stickers that serve a purpose well, but don’t create a problem that is around for years to come. Many of their labels are recyclable or biodegradable in landfill and feature materials derived from plants and recycled materials. Amongst this, they include innovative technologies to help protect the environment and reduce wastage.

Here’s are some of the benefits and features of the label:

Floralabels Premium (L1) Quality Labels

These labels offer: 

  • Excellent print quality
  • Easy and effective handling
  • People and environmentally friendly


They are made for colour laser printing:Floralabels logo

· Offering superb print quality

· They run extremely well in laser printers

· No static build-up

· Microporous material allows the print to penetrate to secure

· 100% scratch and outdoor resistance


They reduce time and waste:

· Eliminating printer jams

· They can be separated easily in bundles of 20-30 sheets

· No waste through labels tearing apart

· No labels snap off in the wind

· Print on demand, and only what you need


People and environmentally friendly:

· These labels don’t cut your hands; they are soft and easy to work with

· They produce no noise when they blow in the wind· They are Non-toxic

· No ozone-depleting constituents

· 65% by weight inorganic filler made from sand

· Safely disposed of in a landfill – will not leach into groundwater

· Currently, they are recycled into general use bulk plastics such as plastic

lumber, park benches and industrial signs (as a class 7 plastic)

· No cellulose content, so not they are not contributing to forest depletion

· Incinerate in an atmosphere of excess oxygen to yield only

water, CO2, energy and clean ash.


The L1 labels biodegrade in typical landfills

The L1 labels biodegrade in landfills after use and not before.

They break down into components such as carbon dioxide and

water when placed in an oxygen-free environment containing

microbes, which is typically found in landfills.

Until then – during use – they have the same great characteristics in terms of printability, handling and durability as our normal L1 sustainable labels.

Floralabels are proud to have developed a product with such great green credentials that reduces impact as much as possible whilst having a durable, robust biodegradable label.

These labels are supplied to our customers, ranging from chemical companies to garden centres and nurseries.


Natural Cane Labels

Floralabels have decided to go one step further and develop labels from Cane that Easitill will be trialling soon.

Cane Labels feature and have the benefits of being a 100% bio-based natural product with a great print quality and are Waterproof and tearproof.

They are also:

· Recyclable label from Renewable Resources
· Environmentally friendly from natural sources

   · 70% bagasse = pulpy fibrous waste from sugar cane

   · 30% from natural minerals

   · No fossil fuels

   · Negative CO2 impact


Prints in both Thermal Transfer and OKI LED

Floralabels Cane is available both in rolls for thermal transfer printing and in sheets for OKI LED printing.


Water, Weather and tearproof

· Labels have been tested in both Nordic climate in Denmark and Mediterranean climate in the south of Spain to last more than one season

As mentioned, we are trialling these currently – please request samples if you are interested.

Easitill can supply different quantities – from a single box consisting of approximately 2,000 labels (depending on label type) through to 100 box consignment orders (of around 200,000 labels) or larger depending on our customer’s requirements.

We supply over 70 different types of products consisting of self-tie labels, stick-in labels, shelf-edge labels, bed cards/signs and banners, self-adhesive stickers, swing-tags / hang labels and more recently, thermals.

Easitill prides itself on quality, and with it’s strong relationship with Floralabels for 10 years and being the sole distributor in the U.K, we are able to deliver consistently to our customers. 

Due to the very positive support from our customers, we are continuing to show strong growth in this segment of our business and will proceed to push forward with greener initiatives and products to lessen our Environmental Impact.