7 Reasons to Switch from Old Cash Registers to EPOS Systems

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7 Reasons to Switch from Old Cash Registers to EPOS Systems

Software and systems have taken a more prominent role in hospitality than ever before. One great example of this is the replacement of old cash registers with high-speed EPoS. Such changes make hospitality businesses easier to manage and give customers a better experience.

That said, if you are still using traditional cash registers for your hospitality business, then we highly recommend you switch to EPoS! Here’s why:

1. Smoothens the Payment Process

Like most other hospitality businesses, bars, restaurants, hotels, and alike are busy places. They serve patrons every minute and every second; these consumers also want to get served quickly to avoid any discomfort.

However, when cashiers have to do their job fast, it can get difficult for them to keep up with the lines that are getting longer and longer. This means the payment process will get slower. This is not the best way to give your customers the best hospitality experience.

EPoS is an electronic cash register that lets cashiers process even the most complicated payments in just a few seconds.

2. Makes Tipping Optional

Another thing that makes bar and restaurant services convenient for customers is the fact that cashiers can process tips directly on their ePOS devices. This helps customers to avoid the hassle of carrying cash or credit cards to tip the service personnel.

But the problem is that customers often tip too little because they don’t have the cash or credit card to spare. With EPoS, customers no longer have to carry extra cash with them or use their credit cards to avoid the hassle of tipping in cash.

This also saves cashiers from having to carry around lots of money. But then again, this solves many of the paper-bill-related issues any hospitality business might face!

3. Integrates with Inventory Management Software

When it comes to dealing with customer orders, you may find yourself getting more orders than your cashiers can handle. This can lead to loss of revenue and dissatisfied customers. However, integrating your EPoS with computer-based inventory management software can easily fix such issues.

A good inventory management software can ground you from having to make too many trips to the storage room. This software can even help you to correct inventory issues, such as out-of-stock products, in the same evening.

Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in new hardware or software to integrate your EPoS with inventory management software. You can just install a program, connect the two, and you are good to go!

4. Lets Customers Checkout Quicker than with old Cash Registers 

A great thing about EPoS is that it allows customers to checkout faster than ever before. You might find a few customers returning to their seats to get their credit cards or paying in cash. But the majority of customers will pay via EPoS.

That said, you’ll see fewer customers returning to their seats to settle the payment. This reduces your time serving customers who are already finished settling their bills.

5. Keeps Tabs on the Transactions

Another thing EPoS does for hospitality is it keeps a tab on the transactions of every customer. So you will be able to keep an eye on the total sales and make sure that everything’s going well. This can help you to correct any recurring problems in your service.

6. Reduces the Risk of Fraud with EPoS

With cash or credit card payments, you can never be sure if some customers are being dishonest or not. For instance, you might have given back more change than needed, but the customer might simply put it in the pocket and walk out without you even knowing it! But with EPoS, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of fraud to the lowest possible level. This is because every transaction is logged and logged accurately.

EPoS also makes it hard for any customer to scam you for more than what they have paid for.

7. Improves Customer Loyalty

One of the main reasons behind the success of any hospitality business is customer loyalty. EPoS can help you improve your customer loyalty in these four ways:

With EPoS, you can reduce the time it takes for customers to settle their bills and leave. This allows customers to have a ‘getting settled’ experience from your business. It’s a good way to keep a customer satisfied and coming back for more! With EPoS, customers can tip the cashiers in any amount they want. This creates a good impression of your hospitality business in their minds. You can even reward your most loyal customers with loyalty points. With EPoS, you can reduce the amount of cash you handle. This means your business is less susceptible to robbery and theft. With EPoS, you’ll be able to manage your inventory better. You can keep tabs on the inventory of your products with just a few clicks.


Overall, using EPoS can improve your customer experience in so many ways. It lets you keep tabs on the daily transactions of your business and manage your inventory better. It also makes the payment process faster and easier while keeping the risk of fraud low.

Really, if you are still relying on traditional old cash registers to make your payment, it is seriously time to make the switch. Technology is here to make your life easier, and with EPoS by your side, you can ensure that your hospitality services are offered in the best way possible. Not only is it easy to set up, but the results it provides are tremendous. An EPoS will simply steer your hospitality business towards success with happier customers and more!

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