How retailers can respond to coronavirus?

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How retailers can respond to coronavirus (COVID-19)

We recognise this uncertain time can create unique challenges for retailers. Even if a UK government exit strategy is outlined soon, the far-reaching implications of COVID-19 may continue to impact businesses and consumers for weeks or months to come. We need to meet these new challenges head-on and react to circumstances by changing how we do business. That’s why Easitill has been working hard to support all our customers as best we can remotely during this challenging time for us all.

Below are some ideas we have compiled that may help you further.

Stay connected with your customers

Share updates

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Share important information with your customers using email, your website, Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile or however you typically connect. You might include information about your availability, hours or measures that you’re taking to keep safe. You can update your business hours on your Facebook Page or let customers know about temporary service changes such as online services, pick-up, delivery or temporary closure. Create social media posts with your contact information and include details on when and how you are accepting orders.

Answer questions

Let customers know they can call, email or message you with questions. You can consider adding answers to top questions directly on your website in a dedicated FAQs page.

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Post creative content

Even if you can’t conduct business as usual, you might consider how to keep customers engaged with your business. Try posting “How-to” videos, behind-the-scenes photos or going live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other similar platforms.

ideas for going live

  • Host a Q&A
  • Go live with someone in your audience and interview them
  • Showcase and explain your products or services
  • Teach your audience how to do something
  • Create a live series

Consider different ways of doing business – go multi-channel

Online purchases

If you don’t have one already, you might set up an online shop or e-commerce solution so that customers can shop online rather than coming in person.  Find out more about the website solutions we offer at Easitill or contact us for more information and a quotation.

Another option is Instagram Shopping, where customers can shop directly from your Instagram profile. You can learn more and see if you’re eligible here.

Delivery, contact-free collection and takeaway

Consider offering local delivery or pick-up/takeaway options. Customers can order their items ahead of time, and you can deliver straight to their car or home. Why not offer Online food ordering via your website or a third party such as Just Eat, or talk to us about adding local delivery or collection options to your website.

Gift cards or credits

If you have to close temporarily, consider offering gift cards, vouchers or a discount on future visits as a way for others to support you during this time. Create a post about your gift card or create a story to generate even more awareness.

Virtual meetings and consultations

If you offer a personalised product or service, try conducting meetings or hosting consultations over video chat through Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Zoom or other online services.

Stay safe and informed

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Stay up to date by following credible, official sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), so you can safely adapt how you do business, and keep your employees and customers informed.

If you re-open (or haven’t closed) keep your customers and staff safe by ensuring social distancing is adhered to with our DIY Social distancing floor banners and signs which can be printed on demand.

We’re in this together

While the road ahead may appear to be a long one, we believe that we will be able to overcome the difficulties by working together, staying vigilant and supporting one another. We would like to remind everyone to stay safe, take sensible precautions and protect yourselves and others first and foremost. We are with you for the long term and are committed to providing support and solutions as this complex situation and our recovery continues to evolve.