5 Reasons to Use Digital Plant Label Printing

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5 Reasons to Use Digital Plant Label Printing over Traditional Solutions

For many businesses, digital label printing has become a popular choice for an affordable, high-quality, and speedy printing process. Everything from garden nursery plant labelling, food packaging labels and warning labels has used digital printers. Digital plant label printing involves taking a digital file of your designs and printing them directly on the material. All the colours and shapes are printed in one go, making the printing process quick and perfect for small batches.

However, the question remains: is digital label printing right for you? Let’s answer that question with five reasons to use digital label printing:

1. Waste Is Minimal with Digital Plant Label Printing

A big concern many companies have, especially knowing where environmental issues are brought to light, is how a company can work in a more environmentally friendly manner. Of course, there are many ways to do this, from opting for recyclable packaging down to opting for clean, sustainable energy. One might not realise that, in printing, sustainability can also be a concern.

Flexographic label printing, for example, produces waste due to the setup process. Dialling in colours and aligning the plates leads to a lot of wasted energy and materials. Fortunately, with digital label printing, such waste is minimised. Not only is there barely any setup process, but you can print quickly and as few prints as you need. This reduces the likelihood that you print something you’ll end up not wasting, minimising waste and maximising a happier environment.

2. Maintains Quality

Whatever printing solution a company picks, the goal is always the same: the printing result must be excellent. No company wants to be associated with unattractive prints that do nothing but hurt the company’s reputation. Fortunately, digital label prints are of the highest quality!

Digital Plant Label Printing is well known for their colour consistency, vibrancy, and more. The printing job is also precise and quick! This combination makes digital label printing for plant labels an incredibly great print solution, especially when printing small batches.

As such, if you want your labels and designs to stand a chance in the market, get them digitally printed. All your plant labels, food labels, brand pictures, logos, and more will look great on your products. This ensures that customers hold great impressions about you, inviting themselves and others to come to do business with you.

3. Digital Printing Is Flexible

More often than not, changes are made to the printing job, even midway printing. Sometimes, companies just need to make a single change to make the design better and the like. However, if such changes are done on printing solutions like the flexo printer, even the tiniest of changes can be incredibly expensive, not to mention environmentally impactful. This is a kind of hassle you do not want to deal with. Luckily for you, digital label printing for your garden centre or nursery doesn’t have this problem.

Sure, you will still have to get in there to change the design digitally, but compared to flexo printing, it is a lot quicker and cheaper to make changes on a digital printer! You can easily modify the design and send the new and revised digital file over to have it be printed out with no additional charges. For that reason, if you are looking for an incredibly flexible printing solution, think of digital plant label printing.

4. Lowers Overall Costs of plant label printing

Compared to many other printing solutions, digital label printing has to be one of the cheapest. Not only is the equipment accessible and easy to set up, but even the overheads are more inexpensive compared to traditional printing solutions. This savings can become even more apparent when printing bulk orders, where the prints become incredibly cost-effective.

This is unlike flexo printing, where the new plates need to be made and used whenever making new designs. This can lead to hundreds of pounds spent for every new design, and knowing that multiple plates are used with each print, can be incredibly expensive.

In other words, digital label printing helps to lower overall cost and even help to save money if you are coming from flexo printing. It is cheap and easy to use, and you aren’t compromising on quality still. Of course, there will still be something to pay for your digital label prints: the labels. However, that’s nothing compared to the die, plates, and more you would pay for printing solutions like flexo prints.

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5. Allows for Low Minimums

The problem with traditional printing solutions is that they are only really cost-effective at high-volume printing. Even if you wanted to print like a thousand prints, it might not be worth it on printers like flexo printing. However, small businesses may not need that many prints, or at least in one go. They need something that can offer excellent cost-effectiveness even at low print volumes, and as such, digital label printing has come to the rescue.

Because of the nature of digital printers, they’re a lot more affordable than flexo printing. You don’t need to be printing thousands upon tens of thousands of prints or labels to make it worth the money.

You can print as little as a few, and you’re good to go! In addition to the benefit of not being forced to print too many items, you won’t have extra labels in your inventory that you won’t use. This further helps to save money and reduce your environmental impact.


Put simply, here are the reasons to opt for digital label printing: low print volumes are still cost-effective, the printing solution is affordable, the print quality is impressive, waste is minimised as much as possible, and the whole printing solution is flexible. These characteristics are the hallmarks of an excellent printing solution, especially for small businesses that do not have much money to invest only into printing.

Thanks to the benefits that digital plant label printing offers, you can enjoy a quality and reliable printing solution that will give your labels that perfect look while still allowing you to save money to grow your business further.

That being said, if you do need printing jobs, be sure to reach out to professional printers to assist. They can recommend what printing solution is right for you, allowing you to balance cost versus quality to maximise your investments!

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