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Hanging Gardens

How Easitill Helped Hanging Gardens Nurseries with Speedy EPoS Installation and Conversion

At Easitill, we’re committed to providing fast and efficient EPoS solutions to businesses of all sizes. When Hanging Gardens Nurseries approached us with an urgent technical issue, we knew we had to act quickly to prevent any loss of sales data as their former EPoS provider no longer provided support giving them difficulty in accessing data.

They contacted Easitill and within five days, a team was on site setting up a demo in their shop. The demo was an instant success, leading to the full installation and live release of the system a week later, with all the product data recovered. What’s more, the system was so user-friendly that Hanging Gardens Nurseries were able to finalize their store setup and start operating the Easitill EPoS system without delay.

At Easitill, we turn around seemingly mountainous workloads and complex issues with a few days of contact. Our unique hands-on approach to solutions allows us to drastically reduce decision-making time by providing physical demos, and our team of experts makes communication and information a breeze. We are committed to giving you the best possible solution for your company and won’t settle for less.

If you’re looking for fast and efficient EPoS solutions, look no further than Easitill. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business thrive.

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