Flourshing business FoxHill implement 3 new tills for their expanding retail business

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Flourshing business FoxHill implement 3 new tills for their expanding retail business

FoxHill, a stylish and independent womenswear store, offers a wide variety of brands focusing on smart casual to less formal occasionwear. Located in Mitchell’s Shopping Centre in Sutton Coldfield, FoxHill occupies two separate retail spaces – one main clothing store and one outlet store within the courtyard.

Before Easitill came on board, FoxHill was operating their first store on a competitors EPoS solution. Due to the need for a more robust, feature-rich system, and with the second store in the making, Easitill was contacted and tasked with implementing an EPoS system that would support the simultaneous and efficient running of both stores.

Our Director and Senior Support Engineer visited FoxHill in November 2023 and provided a full demonstration, whilst answering all the questions a prospective client might have about our services. Contracts were signed and by January 2024, three new tills were installed for FoxHill – two in their main store and one in their outlet shop.

“Easitill has transformed and simplified our EPoS solution immensely. We were having a few issues managing the number of products on our system. Easitill came in and performed a full data cleanse, removing duplicate entries and giving us a more coherent and user-friendly system, which is a dream!” said a FoxHill representative.

Another issue with their previous EPoS provider was the lack of quality support. “Easitill promised first-class support, and this is exactly what they deliver. Always on hand to advise and assist, it gives us great peace of mind knowing they are only a phone call away should we have any issues.”

As well as our EPoS solution, FoxHill have also taken advantage of Easitill’s labelling system – Easilabels. Using our simple thermal labels, creating the right barcodes quickly and effectively means easier scanning and quicker transactions, an option that wasn’t possible with their old EPoS provider’s system.

Since the recent implementation, FoxHill has seen significant improvements in their daily operations. The new system has streamlined their inventory management, reduced checkout times, and enhanced the overall customer experience. FoxHill continues to thrive with the support and robust solutions provided by Easitill, confidently expanding their business and serving their customers better than ever before.