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Court Farm

Court Farm and Garden Care are a culmination of horticultural and trade specialists working together to provide the best in horticulture to for their customers. Court Farm strive to offer a customer focused approach to the services provided and in an environment that is both comfortable and appealing. Further being a family run business originally started in 1967 by Bart Patrick the company is still run today by his son Marc.

Many people think once they have installed an EPoS system they may be stuck with it even if they are not happy with the product or service they receive. Easitill has nearly 30 years experience in the industry and have managed to disprove this myth.

Court Farm Garden Centre in Surrey has built up a reputation for excellence thanks to the range of high quality products and services they sell, but they believed their EPoS experience was letting them down.

What they felt were long response times and poor customer service meant they became frustrated with their supplier and looked for change. This is where Easitill came in.

Easitill EPoS & Retail Solutions

Court Farm discovered we could use much of their existing data to build their new system. This meant zero downtime and it was not a case of starting all over again. Our engineers were able to migrate gradually over the changeover day and took the time to make sure they were not alone on the first day of trading on the new system.

The manager called us a few days later to commend the Engineer and staff at Easitill.

We look forward to many happy years ahead with them.