Project Description

With over 3,000 customers per week through the door and 70 staff to manage the company needed a powerful, but easy to use till system, and were impressed when they saw the Easitill system in operation at other Garden Centres in the UK. “We needed a dependable system that could accommodate needs such as price embedded barcodes whilst minimising training requirements for staff and allowing them to move between departments quickly as needs arise”, said David Brown, Co-owner of Beckworth Emporium. “Easitill came highly recommended and impressed us with their willingness to listen and the speed at which they provided an economic solution which met our specific needs”, he continued. At present the system comprises 4 shop checkouts, 7 restaurant tills and 6 seasonal ice rink tills. All have touch screen, keyboard, barcode scanning, cash handling and card payment facilities, those in the fresh produce department also have integrated weighting scales. To handle table orders in the restaurant Easitill have developed and deployed a totally new hospitality module which now contributes significantly to the operation’s efficiency.