Announcing Real-Time Data Exchange for WooCommerce Websites: A Game-Changer for Easitill EPoS Customers

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We are excited to introduce an innovative enhancement to our Easitill EPoS system: the Real-Time Data Exchange for WooCommerce websites. This development represents a significant leap forward in integrating your physical and online sales environments, ensuring seamless synchronisation between your Easitill EPoS system and your WooCommerce web shop.

Seamless Synchronisation, Updated Every 10 Minutes

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, it’s crucial that your stock and pricing information is up-to-date and accurate both in-store and online. Our new Real-Time Data Exchange makes this not just possible, but effortless. Stock levels and pricing data are now updated every 10 minutes, which means what your customers see online is always current. This frequent updating also includes checks on website sales and stock movements, ensuring that your inventory records are precise and reliable.

Full Product Data Export Every 12 Hours

To enhance data integrity and consistency further, we perform a full product data export every 12 hours. This comprehensive update ensures that all your product information, including descriptions, specifications, and images, is uniformly synchronised across all platforms. This helps in maintaining a professional and reliable shopping experience for your customers.

Advanced Sales Reporting

Another key feature of our Real-Time Data Exchange is the capability to generate detailed sales reports through both the Easitill EPoS system and through your WooCommerce platform, offering insights into the overall performance of your business. These reports are invaluable for making informed decisions, planning marketing strategies, and optimising your stock levels based on live sales analytics.

Low Stock Item Buffers

One of the most innovative aspects of this new feature is the ability to set buffers for low stock items. This function prevents customers from ordering items that are out of stock but have not yet been updated in the system. By setting these buffers, you ensure that your customer service remains high, and that buyer disappointment is minimised, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience and your brand’s reliability.

Maximise your Online Store’s Potential

If you’re an Easitill EPoS/website customer and are yet to upgrade to WooCommerce, or if you’re considering setting up an online store, here are some top reasons why Easitill’s Real-Time Data Exchange will transform your business:

Accuracy and Efficiency: Maintain accurate stock and price information without manual updates.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Reduce the risk of selling items that are no longer in stock, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Insightful Analytics: Utilise advanced sales reporting to make data-driven decisions that can propel your business forward.

Time-Saving: Spend less time managing data across platforms and more time growing your business.

To sum it all up, the Real-Time Data Exchange for WooCommerce websites is not just a tool—it’s a transformation in how you manage your business both online and offline. By ensuring that your data is synchronised in real-time, Easitill EPoS helps streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive sales.

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