As some of you may or may not be aware Microsoft are on the verge of releasing IE10. Despite new versions coming out almost annually and it being easy to upgrade people still seem reluctant.

Unfortunately as documented on various website, forums and blogs, IE7 and below versions are outdated, insecure and bug ridden. Due to these flaws it takes web developers hours in additional development to fix these flaws or work around them, include IE specific styles to counteract display issues or even redevelop and code certain parts specifically for IE, whereas firefox, chrome, safari all work fine and use the same web standards.

This could be resolved easily if people were just forced to update outdated browsers. In all Easitill websites there is the option to turn on IE detection within the website. If we detect that you are not using the latest version of IE will will warn customers/end users that this will impact upon their viewing and use of the website and they should upgrade. It seems were not the only ones trying to combat this issue., an Australian online retailer website, has found an interesting way of alerting IE 7 users; and trying to force them to upgrade to newer versions of IE or to choose other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

Customers who shop on using IE 7 will be presented with an extra tax of 6.8% (0.1% for every month since IE7 has been released). Rusal Kogan stated that their website developers had to spend as much time adding support for IE7 as it takes for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox combined. He also noted that he didn’t expect anyone to pay the charges, and rather believed that everyone would most probably upgrade to a newer version of IE or use an alternative browser.

This “Internet Explorer tax” has absorbed positive comments from Kogan customers and other bloggers.