Shop to Shop Transfers

Easitill EPoS & Retail SolutionsQuickly and Easily transfer stock between your shops so your stock is always where it needs to be

Stock Control

Easitill EPoS & Retail SolutionsWhether your stock is ordered and distributed by a central warehouse or each of your shops orders and control their own stock, Easitill can manage it

Centralised Customer Data

Easitill EPoS & Retail SolutionsWith a server based Loyalty Scheme, your customer’s data is held in a central location so they can be rewarded for shopping with you, no matter which one of your shops they buy from

Site Specific Pricing, Offers and Ordering

Easitill EPoS & Retail SolutionsEach Site can have their own shelf quantity set so they never have too much stock. Each shop can have their own offers and pricing that applies to them so each shop is competitive locally. Alternatively, each shop can also have a uniform pricing structure so each customer pays the same amount for an item, no matter which of your shops they buy from