From Manual Tills to EPoS – The Easi Way

Retail EPoS systems

Whether replacing your manual tills or another EPoS system…make your life easy with Easitill

EPoS is all about helping you to fine-tune your business and increase your bottom line profit.

If you are a garden centre with two manual tills, then we can help you save and make money. If you have a turnover of £500k per annum, by moving to an Easitill EPoS system you could save £187k over five years.

We’re too small to justify EPoS

These are hard economic times and we understand even the smallest of benefits to takings and profits are essential. But even if you have an annual turnover of 250k, there are still significant financial benefits and over five years you could save £87k.

Other benefits of installing an EPoS system

The tax offsets

By treating the till hardware equipment as capital, but the first year software and support as an expense, it is possible to offset a considerable portion of the start up costs against profits and tax. The annual support licences also become an expense, which is 100% tax deductible against profits in that year.

The staged purchase approach

If the decision is made to work with us, we have a whole variety of ways of financing your purchase.

Other concerns

Will we have to employ someone paid £15-20k to operate it?

This is a very real and significant concern but we can overcome it and allay your fears.

Setting up the initial product barcode pricing database is a labour intensive business but it can be done in quiet times and we have many methods of importing data to make it easier.

By positioning the EPoS database system in your retail area, rather than in a back office, existing labour resources can be used.

We can install a combined till and master (or back office) on a single computer at the point of sale, which allows the normal till operators to do the data entry in between serving customers, thus making the use of their time more efficient and not increasing labour costs.

The financial risk in purchasing an EPoS system is too great

Easitill stage one – a unique low risk and commitment concept

We do not require an initial order for the whole EPoS system.

Instead we supply a single initial master and till system for training/data entry/system proving, which typically costs 20% of the final system and is offset against the final cost.

Easitill technology

We have been developing and installing EPoS systems for many specialist retailers in the outdoor and leisure sector since 1988 and during this time we have continually developed and updated the system to meet the changing needs of retailers, all within the licence fee concept. Many customers have been with Easitill since the start.

Easitill is not just a till, but a simple, powerful, retail EPoS and web solution

Our system is easy to learn and use. We use a well structured and proven application and training cycle. Easitill does exactly what you need to control your retail business and improve profits simply and effectively.

The software modules and features from Easitill EPoS to make running your store easier include:
• Sales order processing
• Customisable label designer
• Customisable invoice designer
• Stock audit Trail
• Customer management
• Supplier management
• Purchase order history
• Stock data import
• Detailed sales reporting
• Mix and match offer functionality
• Customer/sales group discounting table setup
• Product colour and size tables
• Product stock control management
• Sage export function
• Purchase order manager
• Shelf refill
• Stock discrepancy reporting
• Stock take facility
• Options for creating and running loyalty systems
• Integrated Chip & PIN
• Integrated web shop/e-commerce