Handheld Terminals

Easitill uses two types of Handheld Terminals the first is totally free-standing and the second relies on a wireless connection to the Easitill Master System. Each has their own advantages depending upon the application and environment. Please consult our Easitill Customer Support for more information on 01604 882030.

Wireless Data Collection Terminal – Nordic PiccoLink RF600

PiccoLink RF600 is a wireless data collection terminal, which extends the company data system right to where it is needed whether that be the goods-in area, warehouse or shop floor.
PiccoLink RF600 can be used in numerous ways. It scans the barcode and displays the product price, and stock levels. In “Stock-Take Mode” the number of items can be entered directly to the stock accounting in Easitill via PiccoLink RF600. All this and more wirelessly and in REAL TIME. It contains its own RF Survey Meter which saves money on-site surveys by allowing you to do it yourself.
PiccoLink is a barcode scanner, wireless keypad and a clear computer display in one compact, ergonomic handset. Equipped with a barcode scanner, it weighs only 257 grams, so if required you can have it with you the whole day.

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